About Us

The Bakery Online was first established in 1998 by the Directors Zvi Shachar & Mary Carabott from their Manufacturing bakery at 73 Langridge Street Collingwood.

From those beginnings the Group has expanded into a major supplier of high quality bread, pastry, muffin, cake and biscuit products, as well as developing the Aroma Bakery Café Retail Stores in Collingwood, Prahran Market, Dandenong Market, South Melbourne Market, Preston Market

Bakery Online is a vertically integrated company, that employee in excess of 100 people. Of course there are bakers & pastry chefs, but also in house accountants, book keepers, graphic designers, store designers, administration staff, café managers, production managers and staff recruitment and training personnel.

With this depth to the company you can be assured not only of a quality product but also ongoing service in all aspects of your new business.

Today the business has grown to such an extent that the HACCP certified quality-controlled bakery in Collingwood now produces more than 300 different products daily – and the baker’s hand-mould up to an amazing 50,000 items each night!

Bakery Online’s large crew of dedicated staff supply more than 600 wholesale customers, including many of Australia’s largest catering companies, Supermarkets, cafés, restaurants, and food delis across Melbourne Aroma breads, pastries and cakes tempt thousands of customers a day.